Inside you will have access to:
  • One on one support
  • Indiana Based Resources 
  • National Resources 
  • Information on Diagnosis 
  • Support with IEP's and Education
  • Medical Information & Resources for Co-Morbid Conditions 
  • Emotional Support When Caring for Special Needs Children
  • How to Start Specialized Diets 
  • Avoiding a Toxic World
  • Advocating for Your Child
  • Community Discussion Board
  • and much more.....

Meet Your Host

Terra Smith with daughter, Mia.

Terra is a fierce momma who has advocated for her daughter for over a decade. After her daughter Mia was diagnosed with Autism and 47 other diagnosis by age 2, she took matters into her own hands. Researching, traveling and compiling as many resources and information as she could, she forged a new path for her family which led to Mia's recovery. She now is here to help empower you to forge the path you choose by making informed choices.

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