Doing it all.....

 I don’t know 🤷🏼‍♀️ how you do it all... 

If I have heard this once, I have heard it 1,000,000 times....

Why is it if we are driven and determined that people think 🤔 we have our 💩 together and don’t have struggles getting things done? 

Yes, I am a homeschooling mom who secretly struggles wondering if she is enough for her daughter. 

Yes, I am a wife who is always balancing her marriage and ways to keep it on the right path, and every couple struggles through their journey, ours is no different. 

Yes, I am an wellness entrepreneur who tries her best to lead a team of over 1,500 members, who feels like she never does enough. Who wants to teach all the things but has fears of overwhelming others. I have made mistakes but am always growing to be better for my tribe. 

Yes, I am an author, and am currently working on my 3rd book 

, what you don’t see is the sleepless nights tossing wondering if it will be done 

 in time and good enough. 

Yes, I am a mother raising a daughter who was diagnosed with Autism, Immune Deficency, etc., and the countless hours of advocating for her care never end, and the fight for what she needs is no easy task and takes persistence. 

Yes, I am a chef 👩‍🍳 and feed my family organic, gluten free, dairy free, healthy meals and I secretly wish sometimes I didn’t know what our foods did to our bodies and miss the quick food choices and ease of eating all the things we shouldn’t, but I push through because I know what happens to our family when we don’t follow our dietary needs. 

Yes, I am a friend who tries her best to invest in the relationships that have been built, but the scars I have from being bullied in the past make it hard for me to ever say no to anyone for anything, because I just want to belong. Currently in the process of ditching the toxic relationships and surrounding myself with those who inspire me and understand me for who I am. #noteasy

Yes, I am an advocate, who fights for medical freedom. Standing up for what I believe in has taken a lot of courage, tears, research, and passion. It has also created a divide in some ways and the whispers behind my back are there. 

Yes, I am a woman, just like you. I have fear, doubt, al the emotions you feel.... but I am also determined, driven, and most of all passionate about the life we are creating for our family.  

I encourage you when you come across determined moms, don’t let them or me intimidate you.... The passion we have is part of who makes us who we are. Love us for who we are, and link arms with us and learn. No one expects anyone to be just like anyone else. 

I don’t have it all together. I’m a work in progress.